Carpet is still one of the most popular flooring choices around, providing comfort, softness underfoot, and a finished look. But deciding which type of carpet is right for both your budget and your needs is sometimes puzzling. For example, should you choose wool, which has been used for centuries to weave fine carpets, or should you invest less and choose Nylon carpeting. To help you decide which carpet fiber is right for you, let’s take a look at nylon carpet vs wool carpet…

Benefits of Wool Carpet in Your Home

Wool was first used in the floor covering carpet in approx. 3000 B.C. *** Since that time the techniques of weaving the carpets, and even the definition of the word itself have changed, but the benefits of using wool in the floor covering are still undeniable. Produced from the fleece of lambs and sheep, wool is a natural product existing in the world of fibers. A few of the benefits of wool carpeting.


Wool is a naturally resilient fiber, wool carpets are durable. Wool carpets have been known to last for decades in a home when properly maintained. If you have a high-traffic area in your home, wool will withstand excessive foot traffic while still maintaining its natural beauty. One of its most attractive features is its resistance to being crushed.


The natural characteristics of wool will give owners of wool carpet a soft, comfortable area to walk, stand, sit, and play no matter how the carpet is constructed. Cut pile and loop construction provides a soft stable area for years of comfort and enjoyment. Wool is cool to the touch but maintains warmth during the colder months and prevents heat from coming in through the floor in the warmer months. In addition, wool absorbs moisture from the air to reduce humidity and releases it back into the air during times of dryness.


Wool is non-allergenic and inhibits the growth of mites and bacteria. Unlike synthetic materials which will take years upon years to biodegrade, wool will biodegrade in a much shorter amount of time when placed in the soil and give back to the earth the nutrients that allowed it to grow in the first place.

Benefits of Nylon Carpet in Your Home

Nylon sells better than wool, but that’s often because of the higher up-front cost for wool. Still, there’s more to carpet fiber than just price. It’s important to look at the strengths and weaknesses of each and consider things like where it will be installed and whether it fits your lifestyle well. Nylon has the ability to stretch to up to a third of its length while still retaining its shape is well demonstrated. Here are some of the benefits of nylon carpeting…

  • Durability –  One of the biggest considerations in any carpet purchase is the carpet’s durability. Of course, you’d want a carpet that will stand up to daily wear and tear and still manage to look good for the next decade or so. So, it’s good that nylon carpet fiber is well-known for being very durable. It has long been considered to be the most durable synthetic carpet fiber available. The secret to nylon’s durability lies in its resiliency—its ability to literally “bounce back” from compaction, so it won’t hold compression marks from vacuums or foot traffic for long.
  • Affordability – Nylon is typically the most expensive of the various synthetic carpets available on the market, it is still more affordable than wool carpeting. As such, it is considered a high-end choice comparable to wool. If either wool or nylon fits what you are looking for, nylon carpet is more apt to accommodate your budget.
  • Stain Resistance – More than the other synthetics nylon that has been treated with a carpet protector coating is going to be your best choice when it comes to stain resistance.
  • Maintenance – It’s extremely important that nylon carpet is steam cleaned every 12-18 months at minimum (more often in very high traffic areas) to ensure longevity. Other than that, simply running a vacuum over it should be all the maintenance it needs to look fresh for many years to come. All synthetic fibers are easier to clean and maintain than wool and this is especially the case with nylon.

Which Carpet is Best for You?

Aside from price and color, think about where you’ll install your new carpet. If it’s in a high-traffic area of your home, it’s best to choose a fiber that resists dirt and stains and doesn’t crush easily. If on the other hand, you’re installing carpet in a bedroom where you’re most likely padding around in your stocking feet or a pair of slippers, those qualities may not be as important. Deciding which one is right for you is going to come down to some combination of practicality and personal preference. In general, wool is usually the best choice due to its many stellar benefits and longevity. However, if you have a small household, no pets, and your family doesn’t spend much time at home, nylon can be a choice that makes more sense. Once you decide on your preferred choice of carpet fiber, begin working with a professional whose expertise can help you find just the right carpet for your home.

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