These days, remodeling is the latest craze. Pinterest and all those DIY shows are bent on persuading everyone to jump into remodeling mode. However, home remodeling isn’t for the faint of heart as those DIY projects can be much more complicated than they appear on television or You-Tube videos. With that in mind, here are a few things to seriously consider before you start tearing down walls and ripping up the carpeting on your own…

Doing It Yourself Usually Costs You More In the Long Run

Do it yourself large-scale remodeling projects are rife with changes that extend the completion date and add additional cost to the bottom line. Even those smaller remodel jobs have a way of increasing in cost due to simple changes along the way. A professional contractor can keep you on time and on budget.

Takeaway: Be sure to mentally add an additional 25% to your cost and some extra time to your schedule before you commit to have a professional help you remodel your home or office.

Even the Manliest of Manly Men Should Use a Professional Contractor

Face it – some projects are inherently DIY-unfriendly: You’re going to need some extra hands when it comes to precise working in your home. Sure you can paint an interior wall or maybe swap out a sink on your own, but some projects may require you to shift your focus to include an outside contractor.

Takeaway: Categorize your projects in advance – which are DIY and which require a pro? Talk with a professional to see what you can do to help and keep the costs down. They know and be brutally honest because they want you happen with the end results and they don’t want to be slowed down. 

Remodeling Can Be Super Stressful When You Go It Alone

Any home remodeling story is a stressful one. Due to the nature of the beast, do it yourself home remodeling can negatively affect many marriages and other close, personal relationships. Schedules are turned upside down and your home, as you know it, is a war zone. Life as you know it no longer exists. Mistakes made will cost your dearly.

Takeaway: Make an effort to maintain a good balance between remodeling and your daily living. If necessary, budget a long-term hotel stay for any remodeling project that takes a major portion of the house out of commission. Professionals can get in and out much quicker the you ever can on your own.

Make Sure To Pick a Good Contractor

Watch out for scam artists when contracting out a remodel. Sadly, unscrupulous contractors prey on unsuspecting homeowners. Scam artists especially like to target big-ticket exterior projects such as driveways and roofs.  Another popular scam is to offer different forms of insurance which aren’t necessary and/or available.  There are plenty of legitimate businesses out there, but many scammers insinuate themselves into these industries to separate homeowners from their money.

Takeaway: Research any contractors before hiring, or ask for references from friends, neighbors or co-workers. Most importantly, seek out the contractor, not vice versa.

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