What are Sight Lines? A sight line, or “line of sight” is the line extending from your eye to the objects you view. Just like an interesting photograph, a great sight line offers a foreground, middle ground and background – leading the eye through multiple points of interest. Sight lines are more important than you think. They are a key principle to Interior design. You usually hear about balance and contrast when you hear about successful design but one other subject does not get enough attention and that is sight line. They give end result to a truly stunning design. We hope by the end of this article you will have a whole new view about the design of the rooms in your home.

Concepts of Sight Lines

In architectural parlance, sight lines are what you see from any given point in the home, whether you’re standing in a doorway or sitting in a room. When sight lines are blocked by a wall or a closed door, a home can feel smaller. The reverse is also true: Open things up a bit, show a hint of what lies beyond a given room, and a home will often look and live larger. On the surface, the concept of sight lines sounds pretty self-explanatory. Put simply, it’s a way of talking about perspective in interior design. Experts use the term to detail what can be seen from any given point in the room and to describe their efforts to create spaces that are as visually appealing as possible. Choppy, obscured views in our interiors often feel unsettling to us, even if we can’t put a finger on why. In contrast, rooms with clear sight lines are calming and we’re more likely to find them aesthetically pleasing.

Make Your Room’s First Impression Matter

As you open your front door the first view you get of any room is the one from the doorway. A study by the Association for Psychological Science found that it only takes us a fraction of a second to form our initial judgments on any given subject. With that in mind, it’s incredibly important to make a room’s first impression count. In your room the spot where your eyes rest should become your focal point. Once you decide on what your focal point will be the next step is making sure your sight line to that item stays clear. It may be a piece of art or a piece of furniture or even a beautiful staircase. Refrain from adding design elements that might obstruct someone’s ability to see the focal point in full.

Sight Lines Do Not Stop at The Door

Sight lines play a huge role in helping us determine how to move around a room and how to navigate throughout an entire home. A clear sight line often makes rooms seem as though they flow well together, so take this principle into account as you work on your home’s layout. Good sight lines are important for moving about the room. As you or a guest moves through your home, it’s far more interesting to get a preview of what’s to come with subtle hints and intriguing clues of the spaces that lie beyond your current location, as opposed to feeling cut off from the rest of the home.

Sight Lines Have an Impact From Everywhere in the Room

Sight Lines have an impact from all angles. Out of all of interior design’s fundamental principles, sight lines don’t usually get that much attention. However, we’d argue that mastering this concept can truly make your design successful. Use this as your guide for how to create sight lines. With the help of these tips, you may just find you’ve gained a whole new outlook on your interiors. Though it may seem like overkill, there’s one small detail that sets magazine-cover-worthy rooms apart from the rest. It’s how well they take sight lines into consideration, not just from a few select spots, but from all angles.

Consider Window Placement

It doesn’t take a lot of windows to make an impact on the personality of a home. You just need to know where to put them. And, as you may have guessed, sight lines play a large role here, too. A strategically-placed set of six or eight-foot windows can have just as much impact and be far more economical than a two story set of windows. Small windows under cabinets and above countertops are becoming increasingly popular. A bay window in a small dining area will make it seem much larger.

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