If you want the luxury look of traditional wood or stone flooring but can’t afford it, that, in a nutshell, explains why so many people are opting for luxury vinyl plank. There is no doubt that wood and stone tile floors are beautiful but overflow the kitchen sink and a homeowners worst nightmare has just come true. Vinyl plank flooring is made for real life.


Try 100% for the water-resistance rating of vinyl plank. Go ahead. Install it in the bathroom, laundry room and basement, too!


With a wear rating that ranks up there with commercial grade flooring, vinyl plank lasts and lasts. Not to mention fiberglass reinforcement built into the layers.


Think vinyl plank was only a wood flooring alternative? Think again. Luxury vinyl planks are available in a variety of natural stone patterns. Enjoy the freedom to transition from one room to another, creating completely different decors with flooring that matches. Go with a traditional wood flooring look in the family room. For a Romanesque bath, lay down a vinyl plank marble look-alike.


Get the look of wood or stone at a fraction of the cost. Choose vinyl plank and your pocketbook will thank you.


If you have downstairs neighbors or live in a busy urban area, noise is an issue. With vinyl planks, you get an extra layer of soundproofing. Instead of the echo of footsteps and voices reverberating off a wooden or natural stone flooring surface, vinyl plank flooring creates a softer sound environment.


If you are down for the simple responsibilities of a light-vacuum run or dust-mopping, that’s about it for daily care. Routine damp mopping with a bit of mild soap and water is as demanding as vinyl plank flooring care gets. How easy is that?

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