Choosing floors for every room in your home is no easy task- the options are endless. When deciding on the right floors for your laundry room there are a few things to consider. Whether new or old, washers and dryers vibrate, move, produce heat, humidity, and moisture which can become problematic for several types of floors. With this in mind, it is important that you choose flooring that is durable, water resistant, and low maintenance…

Flooring Choices to Avoid In Your Laundry Room

Carpet, solid hardwood, and laminate flooring are all choices to avoid in the laundry room. None of these options are water proof much less water resistant and hold their own potential risks.

  • Carpet – Carpet + Moisture = Mold. While carpet is comfortable especially in areas that you may be standing for any period of time, it is a risky choice for laundry rooms. Carpeting holds dust and dander that feed mold which could become hazardous over time.
  • Hardwood – Hardwoods provide us with a timeless look which draws homeowners in but while visually pleasing, we do not suggest installing hardwoods in the laundry room. Aside from the potential water risks, the movement and vibration of your washer and dryer could be damaging to hardwoods.
  • Laminate – Laminate flooring is not water resistant. In the event of a leak from your appliances, the water will be absorbed by the laminate flooring and can quickly get down to the core. The damage will be irreversible and the floors will have to be replaced.

Choices to Consider In Your Laundry Room

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the right floor for your laundry room is that it is water resistant or water proof. Having a floor that can withstand a potential leak with minimal damage is the best decision you can make. COREtec, sheet vinyl, and luxury vinyl are good choices for your laundry room.

  • Tile – Tile is considered to be the most durable flooring option on the market and is water proof which are both important factors to consider when choosing the right floor for your laundry room. There are an abundance of tile options so we are sure you can find one to create the perfect look.
  • Luxury Vinyl – Luxury vinyl is a few steps up from sheet vinyl. This type of flooring comes in planks that are waterproof. However, plank-style flooring have seams that allow water to be absorbed down to the core which could result in damage. Luxury vinyl offers a variety of style choices and comes in different grades so that you can find the one that suits the look you have in mind while also being budget friendly. We do suggest that you choose one that has an additional wear level to increase the strength and durability of the floors.
  • COREtec – COREtec are high end vinyl planks that resembles wood or stone. This has become a popular choice for homeowners and we can see why! It is water and scratch resistant making it the perfect choice for your laundry room. COREtec is softer than similar looking materials making it more comfortable to stand on as you do your laundry. They offer several options and styles so you are sure to find the one that best suits the look you are hoping to achieve.
  • Sheet Vinyl – Sheet Vinyl is perhaps the most waterproof flooring option. As indicated by the name, sheet vinyl cones in large rolls. The adhesive is applied directly onto the subfloors and since there are no seams and cracks, it makes it next to impossible for the floor to absorb water. This product is not scratch resistant and you face the risk of scratching or tearing the floor when moving heavy appliances across them. As a result, the floors would have to be replaced. While you may have to be cautious when moving your washer or dryer, it is still a good choice for the laundry room as it is low maintenance, easy to clean, and waterproof.

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