In the real estate market, there are few things that can make or break a potential deal or lead to an offer quicker than whether rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms need to be or have recently been remodeled. Think about it. As a potential buyer, seeing that a home needs updates more than just a new coat of paint and can range from replacement of cabinetry, sinks, and fixtures, possibly all of the above and maybe even include new tubs and showers, unearth additional hidden leaks or aging plumbing once the project has been started – it can be a nightmare.

What a Potential Buyer Sees…

Out dated rooms are a hassle, even for super handy homeowners. Potential buyers will only envision the time requirements, inconveniences, potential labor, and dollar signs required to make the house livable or cosmetically pleasing to them.

Remodeling by the Seller Adds Up to Quick and Higher Offers

Easiest way to updated and modernize your home….

  • Paint it with bright neutral colors
  • Add new flooring
  • Add new cabinets and countertops
  • Add new appliances and fixtures

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling First

Focus on your Kitchens and Bathrooms first because those are the most important rooms to buyers. Also, an updated home will allow you to compete with new construction homes. There are lots of factors why you need to remodel your kitchen and bathroom. Maybe it’s a cosmetic reason or maybe you need some repairs and an expansion. Whatever the reason, there is no question that kitchen and bathroom remodels are an essential consideration for any homeowner looking to update their biggest investment.