Many homeowners pick granite countertops for their new kitchen or bathroom remodels. You will have lots of choices to make including the color, the edges, and the finishes. The final details such as the finish can change the appearance of the stone and overall look of the countertop. We would like to give you some information about polished vs honed granite countertops so you can make the best choice for your home.

What Is Polished Granite?

Polished granite has a shiny, glossy finish. This option is very common for countertops because the polished look brings out a wide range of colors that compliment the design of many kitchens and bathrooms. After polishing the stone it becomes darker, and the colors richer. The granite surface also becomes somewhat reflective. It’s an elegant look, and because of the many color options granite provides it can easily match any design style.

Polished Granite Characteristics

Polished granite has a glossy, mirror-like shine that reflects light well and manifests the unique character of your stone. The surface appears smooth and flawless and the colors seem richer and darker. In fact, the polished finish highlights the depth of the stone and makes the colors look crisp and vibrant. The highly reflective surface means more visible scratches. Polished granite is coated. This acts as a protectant, making the granite less susceptible to stains. A regular mild detergent and water clean spill immediately.

What is Honed Granite?

Honed granite is basically the opposite of polished. This finish has very little shine, it’s more of a matte or satin look. Honed granite isn’t typically as dark as polished, and there is less contrast in the stone’s colors. While this finish still provides the class and elegance that people look for in granite, it is more subtle than the polished option. Technically, all granite is polished, as the stone’s surface is rough when it is first extracted from the earth. Honed granite, however, does not go through as much, or as fine grinding and buffing as polished granite. Both finishes are flat and smooth to the touch.

Honed Granite Characteristics

Because of the matte finish honed granite is more resistant to scratches. And if it does get scratched it is less noticeable because the scratch will not be as easy to see when light is reflected off it.
Honed granite is more susceptible to stains, so cleaning spills immediately is important. The matte finish when it gets wet is less slippery than polished. If you are wanting a granite floor it would be better to choose honed granite.

So, Honed or Polished Granite?

There is no definite answer – both types of finishes have their pros and cons. The choice depends entirely on your personal taste and the specifics of your home environment. Just make sure you gather all the important information, read online customer reviews, compare prices and maintenance requirements, and see some samples before making your final decision.

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