You bought a new house and the carpet is dated? You’ve lived in your home for years and your carpet is stained and worn? You’ve changed your furnishings and now your carpet no longer suits the space? Your carpets are holding allergens and mold? Sounds like it’s for your existing carpet to go! At this point you’ve likely looked up carpet professionals in your area and read up on reviews. You’ve narrowed your options down and now need to make the call to get estimates and hire someone to do the job. Before you do, here are a few questions we think you should ask your carpet professional…

What is the best carpet for my home? Why?

When you get a quote from flooring companies, they do their best to match the quality you’re seeking with the budget you’ve presented them with. Their recommendations will reflect the input you’ve given them so it is imperative that you ask questions that will help them determine which carpet will best suit your home. The simplest question you can ask is “which carpet is best for my home and my family and why?” This will allow them to compare all the different options in regards to the quality, maintenance, warranties, installation, and expense. This breakdown can make it easier for you to understand their recommendations and, in turn, hire them to install the best carpeting in your range. You can rest assured that the carpet will have the quality you need backed by a warranty you desire.

How can I be sure that the quote you’re giving me won’t change down the road? Is it non-binding?

We advise that you research the various types of carpets and the average cost to install in your area. Educating yourself on the ins and outs of carpet can help you better understand the quote you’re given. One tool that available to you online is a Carpet Price Comparison Guide. When the carpet professional is giving you a quote, you can refer to this guide to compare the prices they have given you to what is found on the guide. There are several contributing factors that go into their quote so you should not expect that it will be identical to what is found on the guide, but if the quote is way off, you’ll be able to recognize that and question it. Note: do not schedule a quote with anyone who does not offer it for free without any obligations.

Does the quoted price include the cost of all materials and labor?

This is very important! Be sure that the quote they have provided you with is all-inclusive and covers the cost of the carpeting, all materials, and the installation. There have been many instances when customers thought they were getting an all-inclusive quote only to find out that there was a separate fee for installation after the job had been completed.

Do you have tips for maintaining my new carpets?

You’re aware of the obvious maintenance requirements- vacuuming routinely, removing stains immediately, and asking visitors to remove their shoes upon entering your home. Your carpet professional should provide you with tips that is specific to the type of carpet you are purchasing. The way the you should care and maintain Berber carpet will not be the same care that saxony plush carpet requires. Asking for their expertise on maintaining your carpet as well as some printed materials from the manufacturer can help increase the longevity of your new carpets.

What kind of professional maintenance do the carpets require?

How often should it be done? It is likely that the carpet professional you hire to install your carpets also sells professional grade cleaning and maintenance products. They may even offer maintenance services but if not, they will be able to point you in the right direction of a company that does. Having your carpets professionally steamed cleaned can make a huge difference. Typically, it is recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned annually. But between professional cleanings, you should maintain your carpets regularly. Asking a professional for tips and/or resources will help you keep your carpets clean and looking good.

Is there a warranty? If so, how long does it last and what does it cover?

You should listen attentively as the installer reviews the warranty with you. However, this might not be what you base your decision solely around as the higher quality carpets usually offer similar warranties. Carpets rated “better and best” will have a more comprehensive warranty than those only rated “good.”

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