Flooring is an important part of any building, as it adds beauty and charm to every room. The flooring provides a smooth, clean, impervious, durable, colorful, and attractive surface. If you are a working parent and have kids crawling on the floor or kids playing mostly outdoors, the type of flooring in your house will affect your quality of life. When you have children, you want a floor that looks great but also stands up to all the little messes that happen. The following are some suggestions that help you decide on flooring when you have children…

Factors to Consider Before Shopping for Kid-Friendly Flooring

  • Kids spill food and drinks
  • Kids track dirt indoors
  • Rough play with hard toys can scratch certain floors
  • Hypoallergenic and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) floors help with air quality
  • Kids use arts and craft materials that get crushed into and can stain carpet or tile

Things to Consider for Kids

  • Noise-absorbent flooring
  • Scratch resistant flooring
  • Easy to maintain flooring
  • stain resistant flooring
  • Flooring that is made for heavy traffic
  • Durable Flooring
  • Comfortable Flooring

Health and Safety

As most people spend roughly 90% of their time inside, it is important to consider how flooring can affect our health and safety. The healthiest choice is natural hardwood. It does not contain glue or other harmful chemicals that are used during installation. The safest flooring option is carpet. It is slip resistant and provides a soft surface for kids to play on.

Most Popular Flooring Choices

According to Floor Covering News, the most popular flooring choice is…

  • Carpet (57%) – Wall-to-wall carpet is a perennial favorite. It is durable, cost effective, easy to install, safe and comfortable.
  • Vinyl (20%) – Vinyl is a type of resilient flooring, a flexible material that feels a bit softer underfoot than rigid wood or tile. Vinyl is durable, easy to install, customizable , and comfortable.
  • Tile (12%) – Ceramic tile is made from a mixture of clay and shale that’s fired in a kiln like pottery. It’s a hard material that comes in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. Ceramic tile flooring is a functional and low-cost option for homeowners with young children and perfect for kitchen and bathroom spaces.
  • Laminate (5%) – Laminate flooring is constructed much like engineered wood, with a thin veneer over layers of plywood or compressed fiber. Laminate is highly rated for children. It is durable, cost effective, climate -friendly, easy to install, customizable, and comfortable.
  • Engineered Wood (5%) – Engineered wood flooring looks just like solid wood, but it’s made in a different way. It has a thin veneer of natural wood on top, showing the grain, with layers of less expensive plywood underneath. engineered wood is cost effective, climate friendly, easy to install, customizable, and comfortable.

In your active family home with children and possibly pets you’ll need products that can accommodate an active lifestyle without compromising on safety beauty and comfort. Hope this article has given you some insight into the availability to the flooring available.

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