If you are going to remodel just one room in your home, most experts would tell you that you should start with your kitchen. Kitchen remodels have lasting appeal, and they can add significant monetary value to your home. Browsing through magazines such as House Beautiful, and Better Homes and Gardens can serve as design inspiration for you when you’re considering updates. According to a recent US News article, “a minor kitchen remodel will recoup 80 percent of its cost…” Basic updates are a great way to boost the visual quality of your kitchen without gutting it.

Picking the Right Kitchen Colors

Repainting your current cabinets is an excellent way to instantly transform the look of your kitchen. The use of color has the power to completely change the overall feel of a room. Also, consider replacing the hardware on your cabinets. Hardware can be used to convey a sense of nostalgia, or it can create a modern and clean look. These basic updates will give you the best value for your money.

Kitchen Countertop Selection

Installation of new countertops can usually be completed in one day. Immediate value will be added to your kitchen by replacing your countertops with materials such as granite. There a variety of materials and finishes that can be used to replace your current counter surfaces. However, if you ever consider selling your house the use of a high end material such as granite will be a great feature to display when listing your home.

Clean Up Your Drop Zones

Cleaning up “drop zones” can instantly reduce clutter. Consider using ancient practices such a Feng Shui as inspiration for organizing your home. Consulting a design expert is also an excellent way to identify methods for improving the overall flow and functionality of rooms.

The kitchen is often described as being the heart of the home. No doubt, there will be many memories and meals made here. An organized and beautiful kitchen is more likely to serve as an incentive to create inspired culinary delights to share with your loved ones.

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