Are you trying to decide which marble countertops are best for your home? At Style Cabinets, Floorings, and Countertops, we’ve got the answers you need to help make your decision easier. When you choose a natural stone for your countertops, there are more decisions to make than you might have initially anticipated. You will have to choose everything from the type of stone to the edges, color, and even the finish. All of these elements can alter the stone’s natural appearance and the look of the space that you put it in. The following is a quick, easy guide that will provide you with the ins and outs of honed and polished marble…

What is a Honed Finish?

Honed, by definition, means that the stone slab has been grounded down to a smooth, flat surface that is consistent throughout. To achieve a honed finish, we complete every step that we would usually do aside from the final stage–polishing. This leaves the marble with a matte, non-shiny, finish that feels velvety to the touch.


What is a Polished Finish?

A polished finish is the opposite of a honed finish. The polished surface creates a glossy shine that comes from the natural reflection of the crystals in the stone. The finished surface will feel smooth.

Pros & Cons of Honed Marble

Honed marble comes in a matte finish which allows it to resist scratches which come from everyday wear. In the event that it does get scratched, honed marble will mask the scratches as the light will not reflect off of the surface and expose the scratch as easily. However, honed marble is more likely to become stained. You must clean up any spills quickly or you risk ruining your countertops. Honed finish can be a great option for floors as the matte surface is less likely to become slippery when wet.

  • Look – Matte, no shine
  • Feel – Velvety
  • Durability – Scratch resistant but prone to staining
  • Maintenance – Wipe down routinely using soap and water. Must clean spills immediately. Needs to be re-sealed over time.
  • Ideal Use – Countertops and heavily frequented ares like floors in the entryway, living room, bathrooms, and more.

Pros & Cons of Polished Marble

The coated finish on polished marble helps to protect the natural stone making them less likely to become stained. Nonetheless, polished marble countertops are a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops all across the United States. Polished marble is quite smooth and highly reflective. This makes scratches very visible so it is not an ideal choice for areas that are heavily frequented, particularly floors in high traffic areas.

  • Look – Glossy with shine
  • Feel – Smooth
  • Durability – Scratches easily but more resistant to stains
  • Maintenance – Wipe down routinely using soap and water. Clean up spills immediately.
  • Ideal Use – Kitchen and bathroom countertops, walls, fireplaces, and more.

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