It’s the place where you get energized for the day ahead; and it’s where you unwind at the end of the day. The bathroom is that personal space; each family member using the space for health, preparation, or relaxation. Just think of how a shower in the morning gives you a boost for the day, and a hot shower at night washes the stress away. Often bathrooms can be cramped and cluttered. When you’re thinking about remodeling a bathroom, it’s key to get input from all who use the space. Compare the list of everyone’s priorities, and then create your wish list. Here are seven trendy tips to consider when redesigning your bathroom…

Decide on which Bathroom to Remodel

Although redesigning the master bath usually offers the best return on your investment, remodeling a powder room can also increase your home’s value by creating both a beautiful and functional space. If you can only makeover one bathroom, look at the pros and cons for each. Get estimates from your contractor for each bath. Engaging a contractor early will keep you on budget. They will be able to look at some of the hidden cost drivers, such as adding or moving electric and plumbing.

Do You Prefer a Shower or a Tub?

This decision is personal. Some people prefer the relaxing experience of soaking in a hot bath. Others rarely use the tub, and would rather have a space to take a quick shower. Keep in mind, if there’s only one bathtub in the house don’t remove it. It’s important to have at least one tub in the house, especially if you have little kids. Or if you’re planning to sell the house, buyers will expect at least one tub. If the bathroom, you’re remodeling has a tub that you can’t get rid of, then consider updating the surrounding walls with tile and replacing fixtures and faucets for a more modern look. If the bathroom you’re remodeling doesn’t need a tub, then consider what type of shower will work best in the space. Should it be built-in, freestanding, or open? What kind of fixtures will you need? Do you prefer a fixed shower head, or a handheld shower spray? Consider a frameless shower door to open up the floorplan. It gives the perception of a larger, lighter space.

Create an Inviting Space with Lighting

Even if the bathroom doesn’t have windows for natural light, there are options for creating an enjoyable ambiance. Envision the space in the morning, and plan for lighting that wakes you up, as well as lighting around the mirror for shaving or applying makeup. Picture the space at night, when you want to wind down. Dimmers are easy additions for a flexible lighting solution.

Choose Materials for Beautiful Aesthetics AND Practical Use

Although very popular, marble and natural stone can stain over time. However, these materials deliver a lavish decor to the space. Consider mixing and matching materials. Marble shower walls with glass tile accents, glass tile accents for a backsplash, a ceramic tile or stone floor – the options are endless for designing a custom space that showcases your style. Ensure that you minimize grout and choose a grout color that blends with the tile so that it’s easier to keep clean.

Select a Vanity with Double Sinks or a Unique Cabinet Design

If you have multiple family members using the bath, a double sink is ideal. Consider a hanging or corner vanity for a small-sized bathroom. It’s also important to have enough counter space or shelving for every day items.

Make Sure You Have Enough Storage

Create efficient storage with a vanity cabinet, a combination mirror / medicine cabinet above the sink, or a linen closet. Maximizing your storage space will keep clutter under control.

Add Luxury List Items if Your Budget Allows

For added luxury, install heated tile floors, heated towel bars, hand-painted tiles, and a vessel sink for a more extravagant space. The choices for updating your bathroom can be overwhelming. Prioritize, plan, and consult the experts for a personal design that will meet your family’s needs for years to come.

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