Hardwood floors are a good idea for your kitchen! Hardwoods have been a popular choice for decades, centuries even. They are beautiful, timeless, and will last as long as you maintain them. Hardwoods can be stained and refinished to keep them looking new and trendy.

Will Hardwood Flooring Hold Up in the Heart of the Home?

The kitchen seems to be the place where family and friends gather. Because this room gets the most traffic, homeowners are apprehensive about installing hardwood flooring in the kitchen as they worry it will cause them to wear fast. Our suggestion is to place rugs, mats, or runners in the places where you are likely to stand or walk the most. Not only will these protect the floors, they are also more comfortable to stand on.

Engineered Hardwoods

A good alternative to solid hardwoods are engineered hardwoods as they offer more advantages as far as durability and ease of installing. Manufacturers created these to mimic the timeless look of real hardwood. They are easier to install as they can be glued directly to concrete slab subfloors. Engineered hardwoods have a plywood backing that helps keep them from expanding and contracting as much as solid hardwood floors which can prove beneficial in the event of a leak or water spill.

Care is Imperative

The kitchen can see its fair amount of messes. From spilled drinks to a dishwasher leaks – it is vital to clean up all wet messes as soon as they happen in order to prevent water damage. No more kicking ice cubes under the fridge! If you have pets, consider getting mats to place under their food and water bowls to catch water drips. Keep an eye out for any water on your hardwoods and dry them up immediately to avoid damage and buckling.

Hardwoods or Softwoods?

Hardwood is superior to softwood in the kitchen. Refer to the JANKA scale to determine which woods are more durable and resistant to wear. The higher the rating, the tighter the grain. Choosing floors with a higher JANKA rating is a good idea especially in the kitchen. Red Oak is the industry median for hardness.

Monitor Your Appliances

Appliances pose a risk for water damage. Watch for leaks coming from your refrigerator and dishwasher. If these are not caught soon enough, you risk having to repair or replace your floors depending on the severity of the damage. The sooner these are detected the better as damage can be minimized. Water damage can result in the spacing, buckling, and color change of your hardwoods as well as cause them to pull up from the subfloors. Fix leaks and clean up your floors immediately. Be careful when you move your appliances to avoid scratching or denting your floors.

Hardwoods Floors are Great in the Kitchen

With their beautiful look that will last for a lifetime (or more), hardwoods are a great choice for your kitchen! Anything you maintain is sure to last, so with care you can be sure that your hardwoods will keep your kitchen looking good for decades to come.

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