If you have pets, you know that selecting the best carpet for your home becomes a little more challenging. Pets are family so trying to find a balance of carpet that’s pet friendly but that also fulfills your needs and compliments your home’s interior. This quick guide will help walk you through the process and provide you with the information you need to pick pet friendly carpets that are resistant to all the things that come with owning a furry friend while still reflecting your style.

Is the Carpet Made with Harmful Chemicals?

Manufacturers produce some carpets with harsh chemicals that could negatively impact your pet’s hearth. Carpeting that has volatile organic compounds (VOCS) among other chemicals can irritate your pets and potentially cause neurological effects. We know that the health of your pet is important so we strive to provide you with the information you need to pick the best carpet for your home that accommodates your fur baby. If you have any questions or want to know more about the variety of carpets that are free of VOCS and other harmful chemicals, please feel free to ask. Finding carpet that is both pet-proof and pet friendly doesn’t have to be so hard.

Does the Carpet Retain Smells and/or Stains?

If your pet is known to have accidents, it can make choosing the right carpeting a little more challenging. You want something that doesn’t retain the smell and can be easily cleaned to avoid staining as this can make a big difference in your home. Some fibers, such as nylon and wool, are less likely to stain and more likely to withstand all that comes with having a pet in your home. This makes them a good choice for pet owners even those whose pets do not have accidents.

Tips to Keep in Mind when Choosing Carpets

  • Look Into Carpet Tiles – These are easier to replace in the event that your pet has an accident that you aren’t able to clean up entirely.
  • Choose Colors or Patterns That Can Hide Stains – white carpet is not the best choice for homes with furry friends.

Pet Friendly Carpet Choices

Not all carpeting can accommodate that needs of homes with pets. Some are more pet resistant and pet friendly while others simply are not. The most pet friendly carpet options on the market today are…

  • Nylon Carpets are durable and convenient to clean making them both pet friendly and pet resistant. They can hold up to the frequent pet traffic, are easy to clean, and do not retains any smells or odors that can occur.
  • Wool Carpets are also durable and relatively stain resistant making them a popular choice for homeowners with lets. Not to mention, they are made with materials that are natural and that look great too. Wool carpets provide a comfortable surface to walk, play, and rest on while keeping signs of day-to-day wear down to the minimum.

Types of Carpet Pile for Homes with Pets

Homeowners with pets often ask about which carpet pile is the most pet friendly. Choosing a pile that is short can make clean up easier while creating a safer environment for your pets as they are less likely to get their claws caught up in the carpet.

  • Saxony – Saxony is a good choice for pets because it can hide wear, scratches, and stains.
  • Frieze – While it does not look as uniform as Saxony, Frieze is durable and conceals stains too.

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