It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the decisions. When making the critical decisions of which cabinets to use in your kitchen remodeling there are many factors that you should consider. We have a few tips to guide you through the latest kitchen ideas and to help you pick the right style for your home.

Some of the Choices You Will Need to Make…

  • type of wood
  • color of stains or paint
  • standard or full overlay doors
  • custom or stock cabinets
  • hidden or exposed hinges
  • drawer systems
  • warranty choices
  • accessories
  • hardware

The Layout

When you are planning your kitchen remodel you need to choose a kitchen shape that meets your needs and fits with your home’s design and flow. Traditionally, straight line layout is best for smaller kitchens, L-shape island kitchens with additional storage for larger kitchens. The kitchen triangle is still the best way to design your kitchen. Developed in the early twentieth century, the working triangle—also known as “the kitchen triangle,” also known as “the golden triangle”—is a theory that states a kitchen’s three main work areas should form, you guessed it, a triangle. Specifically… the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove. Aim to position each item with at least 2 feet between each other.

The Wood

Wood cabinets are appealing because of their distinct and unique character. Some prefer the predictability of engineered materials like laminate but if you want a natural look, nothing compares to the beautiful color variations and grain patterns found in real wood. Choosing the right wood species for your cabinetry largely depends on your personal style preferences and budget. Some wood such as walnut and ebony, are expensive and you would never want to paint them. Birch is not pricey and if you wanted to apply paint, you can thickly coat with lacquers and pigments. Cherry is elegant and can be stained in several shades. Once you choose a style for your kitchen it will be easier to choose which wood matches your style.

Cabinet Finishing Options

Once you’ve decided on the finish style, you can explore whether paint or stain is best for you. Stains now come in a variety of colors, but wood grain will more or less always show through when using stain, whereas paints will disguise the grain. You should explore the full range of kitchen cabinet colors and finishes. You can have the cabinets painted, which will create almost any color. If you want to create a decorative touch then you can choose decorative finishes such as distressing, glazing, or crackle. Your cabinets will probably last 20 years, so make a good long term decision.


Since most kitchen cabinets are not sold with hardware, it’s up to you to decide which knobs and pulls to pair with your selection. This is not always the easiest decision, since there are so many unique styles and finishes to choose from. Your choice of hinges will affect the handles you choose. Often drawers with push to open runners remain handle free. Traditional handles will give you the look of rustic charm and streamlined designer bars will give you a more modern look.

Cabinet Accessories

There are so many cabinet accessories available today. Look through all the accessories and incorporate them into your layout before your final decision. Here are just a few cabinet accessories to consider.

  • Pantry – Having one designated region of your storage for cans, jars, and dry goods is a huge boost to storage efficiency.
  • Step Stool – A pull out cabinet step stool often the top of your a much needed pantry is only usable for the first 5 or 6″ of space; behind that is a no man’s land, inaccessible and out of sight.
  • Waste Basket – A waste basket pull out cabinet designed to hold two waste receptacles provides a handy place for disposing of kitchen waste and to sort recyclables.

So have fun designing your new dream kitchen with the help of a professional designer. The designer will be so helpful with choosing your new kitchen cabinets. The only real limit for your kitchen cabinet is your imagination, so take your time to determine what you want and you will be standing in your beautiful new kitchen before you know it.

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