Winter can be a very smart budget-friendly, and stress-free decision if you are planning to renovate your home. The following are a few ideas why winter renovations can work for you…

It’s the Slow Season for Contractors

As fall and winter roll around, contractors and designers often have more availability in their schedule. Since contractors have less work, they’ll likely be flexible with their schedules and their pricing, and you’ll have your pick of days to complete your project. You may be able to negotiate a a little better price for great quality because the contractor will be looking for jobs.

Reduced Prices On Inventory

New models and inventory usually arrive in stores during the beginning of the year. To prepare for this new product, retailers often reduce prices and offer end-of-season sales on the old product. Supplies for your kitchen renovation including kitchen cabinets and appliances can be found for much cheaper than in the spring. It is not just the retail side that offers discounts. Construction supplies and materials, such as lumber, fixtures, and flooring, are typically also a little cheaper during the winter months because demand from contractors has decreased. Stores know that consumers are also more likely to tighten their budgets after the holidays. Therefore, if you can time your renovation right, you might be able to wait until after Christmas to take advantage of the major markdowns retailers offer during this time.

Focus On the Interior of Your Home

Obviously, interior jobs are much easier to complete during the winter since you won’t have to worry about whether complicating the projects and your budget. If you’re planning to remodel the attic into a living space, winter is a great time to do it because your contractor won’t have to worry about working in the sweltering heat. Another nice thing about negotiation in the winter is the contractor will be on the lookout for indoor jobs and may be willing to drop the price for an opportunity to spend a month or two indoors. Winter is also a good time for small indoor projects, such as installing new tile in the bathroom, repainting the walls, laying new flooring throughout your house.

A Winter Vacation Takes Some of the Pain Out of an Indoor Renovation

When you are preparing your budget for the renovation add in a few thousand dollars for a vacation where there is some sun! A really well planned and organized winter renovation can be the best excuse to get out of the cold on vacation. If your contractor has brilliantly organized plans and a timeline, why not head to the sunshine for a week and come home to a beautiful newly renovated home.

Not surprisingly, most homeowners plan to have remodeling work done in the springtime. It seems like the most natural choice due to the warmer weather and feelings of renewal that come with the season. So when you opt to have remodeling work done in the winter, you have a larger pool of contractors to choose from than you would in the spring. As you see, spring isn’t the only season to do remodeling work in your home. Getting your home redone in the winter allows you to fully enjoy the results in the springtime.

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